No-Toil Air Filter Cleaner, 455gm pack
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No-Toil Air Filter Cleaner, 455gm pack

Product Details
For use on motorcycle and ATV air filters, or just about any foam air filter for that matter. If you hate to clean foam air filters with gas or harsh solvents, No-Toil filter treatment is exactly what you need.

No-Toil is a revolutionary engineering breakthrough in air filter maintenance. No more solvents! No more gasoline! No-Toil Filter Cleaner is a high-concentrated powder that dissolves in water and creates a solution that will clean a filter, treated with No-Toil, in seconds.

The cleaner breaks down the waterproofing agents of the filter treatment and rim grease before completely washing out oil, grease, dirt and dust from the filter.

No-Toil filter cleaner is a non-toxic, no-fume, no-odor cleanser that is skin safe. When finished cleaning, the filter will look "brand new" clean!

Price: $15.00
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