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Our Story

Motomail started back in the mid 80’s in small premises in Mt Eden. As the business grew, Phil and Gail Scott, who started Motomail, moved to much larger premises in Western Springs, where the business grew to become NZ’s leading retailer of motorcycle apparel and accessories. Back in those pre-internet days, Motomail printed an annual 200 page catalogue, which was distributed to customers around the country. The Motomail catalogue was highly regarded as a reference point for anything to do with riding gear or bike parts. It was true mail order back then, with people posting orders in, and lots and lots of phone orders.

Motomail’s current owners, Chris & Tony, purchased the business from the Scotts back in 2002.

In 2006, Motomail went online, the first in the industry to do so, and that was the end of the printed catalogue.

Motomail moved to College Hill in 2006, and began selling motorcycles and scooters, with two famous Italian brands MV Agusta and Vespa. MV was a beautiful addition to the store, but distribution changes meant it would not last, however Vespa did, and Motomail quickly became NZ’s leading Vespa dealer.

Motorcycle apparel and accessories was always Motomail's strength, so Vespa was moved to a separate location and business in 2019 and this gave Motomail the space it needed to further expand into more apparel brands and accommodate more staff and workspace for a growing online business.

Motomail’s 37 year history of providing excellent service, product knowledge and the country’s largest range of mens and ladies apparel continues today.

The Motomail team all ride motorcycles, from Harleys to Hondas, and Ducatis, MVs and Vespas. We race, we cruise, we commute, we custom, and we like looking good when we pull up outside the café. More importantly, we know what it takes to be as safe as possible while out having fun on 2 wheels. It’s fair to say someone on the Motomail team will understand what is special about every style of motorcycle, and why different bikes need different riding gear.

The Motomail team are "gear geeks” so when it comes to finding exactly the right gear for you and your ride, our gear geek team will have the answer.

Freemans bay store

Freemans bay store

We have a huge range of motorcycle helmets, apparel, accessories, luggage and more at our 41 College Hill retail store in Auckland.

Our Brands

We stock gear from all the best motorcycling brands, including the the widest range of REV'IT & Shoei in the country.

From the Archives

Our History

Mail Order Days

Mail order was the name of the game until our website launched in 2006. The annual Motomail catalogue was up to 250 pages and featured all the best riding gear, accessories & parts.

These are examples from 2000 & 2004. We've been around for a while!