Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x System
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Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x System

Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x System

Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x System

Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x System


New track and road sport air bag system, now allowing you to replace gas cannisters after deployment.

Specifically developed for road racing, track day use and performance road riding, the FIM-homologated, Tech-Air® 7x System is derived from Alpinestars’ proven MotoGP Airbag technology. The fully autonomous, self-contained motorcycling Airbag System is engineered for racing, offering riders streamlined, low profile, and highly ventilated Tech-Air® protection. Developed for performance/recreational motorcycling, the Tech-Air® 7x System provides riders with comprehensive upper body protection by covering their shoulders, chest and full back. The integrated back protector is extended in length for additional protection of the coccyx. The Tech-Air® 7x System can be used as a Standalone System or as an Integrated System within a compatible suit or jacket. The System is designed to function for racing on closed-circuit tracks, as well as for road riding and light off-road riding.

The state-of-the-art, wearable Tech-Air® 7x System comes with an active electronic system that features twelve integrated sensors: 3 triaxial accelerometers (1 positioned on the back protector and 2 positioned on the shoulders) and 1 triaxial gyroscope (located within the back protector). These sensors monitor the rider’s body for shocks or unexpected movements. Developed through years of research in collaboration with over 50% of the world’s leading MotoGP riders and Alpinestars’ customers riding with Tech-Air® Systems, our team has analysed riding data from millions of kilometres and thousands of crashes to continuously enhance the System’s intelligent crash detection algorithms. Upon the identification of a crash situation, which happens when the rider’s body is subjected to a high and/or sudden amount of energy, the algorithm will trigger the deployment of the protective Airbag, providing unrivalled protection to the rider or the passenger wearing the System (with a maximum inflation time of 44ms, depending on the volume of the Airbag size). The impact absorption while wearing the Airbag when inflated, results in a decrease of the impact force by up to 90% compared to a passive CE Level 1 protector.


The Tech-Air® 7x System comes pre-loaded with two different Riding Modes: RACE Mode for riding on closed-circuit racetracks and STREET Mode for street and light off-road riding. Users can easily switch between Race and Street Riding Modes by simply using the Tech-Air® App. The System must always be used in Street Mode when riding on public roads and NOT on a closed-circuit racetrack. Riders should always remember to switch from Race Mode to Street Mode when they’ve finished at the circuit and leave the track, to ensure that they have full protection, even when stopped at traffic lights, intersections or for any reason. Airbag protection when stopped is only provided by the Street Mode algorithm.

  • Tech-Air® 7x System is equipped with two Riding Modes, RACE and STREET, which have specific AI crash detection algorithms that can be easily selected via the Tech-Air® App.
  • Tech-Air® 7x System is engineered to be worn under any Alpinestars Tech-Air® Ready or Tech-Air® Compatible leather suits or jackets or any leather suit with 4 cm of space around the circumference of the rider’s chest. The additional space for the chest is necessary to be able to accommodate the inflation of the Airbag in the event of a deployment. In addition, the leather suit should not be too tight in the crotch area, to prevent discomfort in the event of deployment.
  • Tech-Air® 7x System is designed to be quickly and easily attached to Tech-Air® Compatible race suits or jackets for increased practicality and enhanced comfort.
  • Tech-Air® 7x System is equipped with a converter kit, allowing it to also be worn as a standalone Airbag System for real-world versatility.
  • The Tech-Air® 7x System features dual charge capability, which means that with two full gas inflators, the System provides two separate Airbag deployments. Only one gas inflator will deploy to inflate the entire Airbag System during a crash scenario.
  • A quick-release cover opening allows for rapid gas inflator replacement by users, only available in countries where gas inflator replacement by individuals is permitted by local regulations.
  • The Tech-Air® 7x System uses an integrated, certified lithium-ion battery, with a fully charged battery life of approximately 20 hours of active ride time and a recharge time of approximately 4 hours; charging the battery for approximately 1 hour will provide approximately 7 to 8 hours of riding time.
  • Ease of use; to turn on the Tech-Air® 7x System, simply close the Front Flap, taking care to correctly attach the hook and loop patches. An internal magnetic switch will detect the Front Flap is closed and the System will automatically turn on and activate the Airbag System. To deactivate the Airbag, open the Front Flap and it will automatically turn off.
  • The Tech-Air® 7x System’s base layer can be handwashed separately, after the removal of the non-washable parts that include the Airbag, Gas Inflators and ALL the electronic components, including the LED Display and the wiring.
  • An integrated LED display is strategically positioned on the Front Flap and indicates the System’s operational status, the battery status and the number of available inflators remaining.
  • Tech-Air® 7x System can be connected to an externally wired LED display, sold as an accessory, for use with a dedicated Alpinestars Tech-Air® 7x System racing suit or Tech-Air® Compatible jacket.
  • The System can be connected to the LED display on the left arm of Alpinestars Tech-Air® compatible suits or jackets or to the new Tech-Air® 7x wired LED display available as an accessory, to be used with the new generation of Tech-Air® 7x System compatible garments equipped with the dedicated LED display pocket and wire channelling.
  • The Front Flap features an integrated charging port for convenient and easy charging of the System, simply plug in the USB-C cable into the Front Flap and connect it to a power source. The charging port is always accessible, even when the System is integrated inside an Alpinestars’ leather suit or jacket.
  • Tech-Air® 7x’s ECU is located within a robust shell and is seal-protected within the vest to ensure the all-weather performance; the vest and componentry are certified to function between -10⁰C and 50⁰C.
  • The vest features extensive perforations for superior airflow, while the ribbed treatment and air channels on its interior ensure enhanced breathability and a powerful through-flow of air for supreme levels of comfort.
  • Strategically positioned stretch panels on the sides for an optimised performance fit.
  • Once deployed, the Airbag automatically deflates via a deflation valve.
  • The System’s gas inflators housing, electronic wiring and the Airbag are easily removable.
  • Bluetooth connectivity to a Tech-Air® App provides riders with the Airbag System’s operational status, battery status and MyRide trip information, which can be easily accessed on a mobile device, subject to network coverage.
  • Riders can easily update the System’s firmware when new crash-detection algorithms are released via the Tech-Air® App.
  • The Tech-Air® 7x System is compatible with all FIM Grand Prix Requirements for Airbag Systems, making it suitable for road racing competitions.
  • The Tech-Air® 7x System features the latest evolution of Alpinestars Tech-Air® technology, including a more compact and complete active electronic System that is equipped with 12 sensors.
  • There are 4 tri-axial sensors: 1 tri-axial accelerometer and 1 tri-axial gyroscope located on the main electronic control unit and 2 additional tri-axial accelerometers located on the shoulders, specifically developed for track and performance riding and these combine with the Tech-Air® algorithm to accurately monitor when to deploy the Airbag in the event of a crash. Upon the detection of a crash situation, a protective Airbag is deployed, providing unrivalled protection to the rider with a maximum inflation time of 44ms depending on the Airbag size.
  • The Airbag has been fully certified for up to 4 Airbag deployments before having to replace it, providing the Airbag hasn’t been damaged in one of the first 3 deployments.
  • This Airbag System is certified as a Category II PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) under European Regulation (EU) 2016/425.
  • Certifications of the Airbag System covered by Dolomiticert’s guidelines for inflatable protectors with electronic activation:
  • Airbag System Central Back inflatable protector, Level 2, EN 1621-4:2018
  • STREET and RACE Algorithms performance
  • Additional Tech-Air® 7x System Certifications:
  • Protective garment, Class C, EN 17092-6:2020
  • Integrated Passive Central Back, Level 1, EN 1621-2:2014
  • Tech-Air® 7x System is certified as an undergarment, to be used in combination with and under a protective garment.
  • The integrated back protector is extended for protection of the coccyx.
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