Revit Hydra pack 0.5L
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Revit Hydra pack 0.5L


The factory hydration system for the most demanding roadracing/endurance rider. The slim hydration bladder fits into the hump of the racing suit, and the drink tube with bite valve gets installed inside helmet for 100% handsfree hydration. Perfect for fast and ruff-racing for 30-60 minutes. The hydration bladder is stored in the hump of the leather suit. It is strongly recommended that the consumer contact the leather suit manufacturer before modifying the hump.

The Disposable Hydration Bladders are hygienic and simple to use, and give complete peace of mind. By allowing users to simply remove, replace and recycle bladders when needed it eliminates the possibility of nasty germs growing inside previously used bladders. They recommend that bladders used with any liquid other than pure water be replaced after every ride. Bladders filled only with water can be reused a number of times, just wash them with fresh water as soon as you can after, and then again before, each use. Their disposable bladders are manufactured from a strong plastic foil which is recyclable, BPA-free and approved for food stuffs.


  • 5 Pack of disposable 500ml. hydration bladders
  • Easy open/close adaptor cap
  • Silicone drink tube
  • Silicone bite valve
  • Helmet Handsfree kit
Price: $105.00
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