OrchidPLUS GPS Asset Tracking Device
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OrchidPLUS GPS Asset Tracking Device

Product Details

OrchidPLUS GPS Asset Tracking Device

Introducing OrchidPLUS, the smartest and most efficient way to locate your battery powered assets.

The Orchid is a unique locating device that has been designed and created by industry experts, with a built-in SIM card that utilises GPS and GSM technologies via the M2M network, allowing the Orchid to locate your assets globally, when requested.

If power is disconnected the OrchidPLUS has a built in battery that will keep tracking your asset for 40 days.

At just 10mm thick, 41mm long and 24mm wide, the OrchidPLUS GPS Asset Tracking Device fits easily inside any device for true discretion. It uses the battery power of your device and will operate on 12v – 24v supplies, meaning installation capabilities are endless. With no SIM card required, its accompanying web app allows you to simply register and track your item(s) with the OrchidPLUS installed.

Global Asset Register
The location of your Orchid device is accessible from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Black International have designed a web based tool that will allow you to create and maintain your own global asset register. Your register will act as searchable directory for all of your assets, providing a central point for relevant information. Once your unique Orchid code has been assigned, you can request the location of your assets at the touch of button.

Subscription Service
For each Orchid purchased you will receive one year subscription included. The following year's subscription will be $1.00/week (or $52/year per device).

How it works

Black’s accompanying app and global asset register, allows you to request the location of your asset at the simple touch of a button as well as maintain a single source inventory of all your valued assets at no additional cost.

Wiring the device into your asset is an easy installation. The Orchid device has a set of two wires (red and black) and one antenna exerting from a slim line switchboard.

Black Orchid installation guide

Once your Orchid has been installed and registered, you are now ready to locate! Upon initial subscription please allow up 24 hours for the activation of your device to be processed and accepted within the Black system.


  • Small slim-line device
  • No SIM required
  • Cost effective
  • Next Generation Chip: a unique, hybrid technology (GPS / GSM) to accurately locate your assets, worldwide
  • Utilises GPS and GSM technologies via the M2M network
  • Simple installation: each device comes ready to install. Simply connect the wires to your power supply and locating can begin
  • Battery powered: each device operates directly through the battery power supply of your asset
  • Subscription Service: you receive 1 year global locating services with every device
  • Built in lithium-ion battery
  • Capability to last 40 days once a power supply is disconnected
  • Designed to trickle charge when connected to 12v – 24v power supplies
  • Size: 10mm thick, 41mm long and 24mm wide
  • Power draw: constant draw 50 mA (0.05 A)
Price: $149.90
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