Arai RX-7V IOM TT 2018 Helmet
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Arai RX-7V IOM TT 2018 Helmet

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Arai RX-7V Isle Of Man TT 2018 Limited Edition Helmet

In true Arai fashion, the RX-7V IOM TT 2018 Helmet has taken helmet technology and rider protection one step further by engineering a helmet that not only guards against direct impacts, but is specifically designed to minimize the effect of "glancing off" impacts as well. Arai has created a stronger shell and smoother shape that is more likely to redirect impact energy than absorb it (therefore decreasing the amount of force transferred to the body). To increase this potential to glance off impact energy, the VAS (Variable Axis System) side pod, pivot cover is smaller in size and its position on the shell is lower.

The Arai RX7V Motorcycle Helmet features a chin curtain that helps to block air intrusion from turbulent air underneath the helmet, as well as increasing negative pressure to enhance the exhaust ventilation performance. The interior lining includes Arai's signature 5mm peel away ear pocket padding and ear pocket recess to accommodate communicator speakers.

VAS Shield System:

Normally the shield mounting position must remain relatively high, because a lower shield pivot will not allow the shield to open or close. The VAS (Variable Axis System) has a variable axis (moving pivot point). This allows shield opening and closing even with the 24mm lower shield mount position, compared to the RX-7 GP(Corsair V).

VAS Shield Latch System:

VAS shield latch system captures and holds the shield closed more securely to help prevent unexpected opening. In addition to a de-mist position, the larger latch design allows for an intuitive and seamless operation of the shield.

VAS-V MAX Vision Shield:

The VAS V MAX Vision Pinlock ready shield provides better visibility in all seasons and for all types of riding.

PB SNC2 Shell:

The RX-7V helmet shell is constructed from Super Fiber and other special synthetic fibers developed for F1 helmet visor panels, assembled and bonded by Arai experts. A specially-developed resin creates stronger bonds between shell materials with less weight.

Diffuser Type 12:

The RX-7V Type 12 air diffusers are longer than the RX-7 GP (Corsair V) and are straightened for improved aerodynamics, working together with the AirWing to improve stability, and creating a 19% gain in efficiency. The air intake vents are extremely adjustable and have three positions (closed, half open and fully open) and create a tight seal to decrease wind noise and water intrusion.

Eco Pure Liner:

The fully removable interior liner system is made from Eco Pure material, which helps maintain neutral acidity levels close to human skin and antibacterial consumption, as well as a softer liner material and adjustable temple padding to allow for a customized fit.

Additional Features:

  • Dual function lever releases both the side pod and the face shield for quick and simple face shield removal
  • Neckroll is removable and has additional exhaust channels to remove interior heat
  • Cheek pads have the Emergency Release Tab feature
  • IC Duct5 forehead vent provides 11% more airflow than the RX-7 GP(Corsair V), features 3 positions and is large and easy to operate with gloves
  • Arai'sR75 shell shape creates a rounder, smoother helmet to enhance energy and impact dispersion
Arai RX-7V Isle Of Man IOM TT 2018 Helmet
Price: $1,499.00
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